H+H App Support

H+H App Support

Need some help with the App? We've got you covered.


1. Where can I use the Harris and Hoole app?

You can use our app in all our shops. Every single one.

2. How do I use the app?

There are 2 options you can choose from in the app:

- Collect Stamps Only: you use the app to collect stamps but pay using an alternative payment method, that is to say that you pay outside the app and therefore do not need to attach a funding source to your app. Under the Collect Stamps Only option, you need to scan the barcode first, before making your payment. 

- Pay & Collect Stamps: you both collect stamps and pay in one single scan. In this configuration you would need to link a payment card to your app.

To switch from one option to the other, please see picture below. 

3. Where I can see all my receipts?

To view your receipts, click on My Activity, which is located below the QR code or barcode, depending on which option you use. You are also able to download your receipts individually, either in PDF or CSV format. to do so, click on the receipt you want to export, then click on the Download button at the top right hand side corner of your receipt.

4. Where can I make a suggestion or share my feedback?

You can send us an email to appsupport@harrisandhoole.co.uk if you would like to suggest we add a new feature or if you have an idea that would help us improve our services. All feedback is very welcome and always listened to!


1. Why does it say Yoyo Wallet in my bank statement?

Yoyo Wallet is Harris and Hoole’s technology and payment partner for the Harris and Hoole app. The Yoyo system processes your payments on behalf of Harris and Hoole. This means that your payments first come to Yoyo before being forwarded to Harris and Hoole. This is the reason why Yoyo appears on your bank statement and not Harris and Hoole.

2. Are my card details safe?

Yes. Very. When you add your card details, they are immediately encrypted and sent to our payment provider, who then sends back a randomised token consisting of a long string of random letters and numbers (this is called tokenisation). This means none of your card details are ever stored on our servers. If anyone was ever able to access our servers, they’d find nothing of use.

We process every payment using Stripe, a secure, global payments provider. They support thousands of companies including Twitter, Virgin and The Guardian - so you’re in good hands.

For added security you can also create a four digit passcode of your choosing, meaning only you can access the app.

3. Can I add my Loyalty Card to my Apple Pay or Android Pay Wallet?

Yes, but currently only for 'Collect Stamps Only' transactions, whereby you use the app to collect stamps but pay using an alternative payment method. 

4. Can I use the Loyalty Card on my Apple Watch or Android Wear? 

After your link your Loyalty Card to Apple Wallet or Android Pay, you will be able to access your Loyalty Card on your Apple Watch or Android Wear. You can then scan your watch in the same way you would your phone. This is only available for Collect Stamps Only Transactions.

5. Is the Pay & Collect option available on native Wallets?

Unfortunately Apple Pay or Android Pay is not available under the Pay and Collect Stamps option, for security reasons.

As you’ve probably noticed, you are not required to pre-load funds onto the Harris and Hoole app but you can pay for each transaction as you make it. With this in mind we change your payment code every 30 seconds so that it’s always secure.

Unfortunately we are currently unable to integrate this changing code with Apple or Android Pay. As such, in the interest of security for our users, we have initially made the call that users should only be able to make payments directly with the app. We are speaking with Apple about how to integrate more deeply with Apple Pay, but it will require lots of technical work on both sides before we can launch this as a feature.

That said, you can still save your loyalty card to your native Wallet and pay with your card saved to Apple Pay or Android Pay - all without needing to open the app.  

6. Where’s top-up gone?

With the updated version of our app, you can select one of two options: you can either securely link a payment card in the app and use it to pay and collect stamps, without the need of a pre-loaded balance; or you can choose to only collect stamps and pay with an alternative payment method (e.g cash). If you already had a balance on your account, this is still available and yours to use up. You’ll find it at the bottom of your payment tile on the home screen (see example below). Just scan the QR code when ready to pay and it will take payment from your balance or linked payment card.

We know top-up is something a lot of people like – a good way to manage your coffee budget! So we will look to resurrect it as an option in the future.

If you think there is an issue with your balance please contact us at appsupport@harrisandhoole.co.uk


1. Where is my Fully Stamped Card voucher located?

 Your voucher is located after the Loyalty Card in your app when you swipe left. 

2. How do I redeem my Fully Stamped Card voucher?

You need to scan the QR code on the voucher at the till, after placing your order. The voucher will disappear from your app afterwards as vouchers only disappear from your carousel if they have expired and after being redeemed.

3. Do I have to use my Fully Stamped Card on my next visit? 

No. You can collect Fully Stamped Cards just as you can with paper cards.

3. Can I have more than one Fully Stamped Card voucher into my app?

Of course! You can keep several vouchers in your app if you want to save them for a rainy day, or if you want to treat a friend. 

4. What do I earn a stamp for?

You earn a stamp for anything one of our Baristas prepares for you. This includes all of our hot drinks, but also the summer drinks from our Harris and Coole range.

5. My stamps haven’t appeared on the app. What do I do?

Your stamps and rewards should appear on the Loyalty Card shortly after making a purchase. You may need to reset the app for the stamp card to properly update. To reset, close the app in the background of your phone. Once this is done, please reopen the app and check your Loyalty Card.

If your stamps are still not appearing please contact  appsupport@harrisandhoole.co.uk and our Consumer Support Team will investigate for you.

6. Do my stamps ever expire?

Stamps you’ve earned never expire. The ‘Fully Stamped Card’ reward you earn for completing a loyalty card – entitling you to a free drink – expires 18 months after you receive it. 

7. When will my Loyalty Card be completed?

You will received your Free Hot Drink reward when you complete your Loyalty Card, that is to say when you reach 6 stamps. The card will automatically convert into a voucher and will no longer show the 6 stamps you have accumulated.

Please also feel free to drop us a line at appsupport@harrisandhoole.co.uk.