About Us

Bringing great coffee to the high street Harris + Hoole began 3 years ago with a partnership which combined the specialist coffee expertise of Taylor St Baristas with the high street knowledge of Tesco. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy better coffee so we serve premium coffee served by highly-trained baristas on your high street or in your nearest Tesco store. As for the name...

"Harris + Hoole" is a funny name for a coffee shop. Sounds more like a name for a small town firm of solicitors! But in actual fact, the names hail back to the very first days on London's coffee scene, as captured in the diary of Samuel Pepys in 1664:

The excerpt:

"Feb. 3d, 1664. In Covent Garden to-night, going to fetch home my wife, I stopped at the great Coffee-house there, where I never was before: Where Dryden the poet (I knew at Cambridge), and all the wits of the town, and Harris the player, and Mr Hoole of our College. And had I had time then, or could at other times, it will be good coming thither, for there, I perceive, is very witty and pleasant discourse."

So there you go. We reckon it's pretty cool that 400 years on people are still being brought together by great coffee. It's a tradition we are proud to be part of, and if Mr. Pepys were around today we very much hope he'd pop in for a cup.