At H+H, we're all about the "we". Big changes start with small actions, and this penetrates into all aspects of our business - from the way we use direct trade when sourcing our coffee, to our shops crowdfunding for local community projects.

Coffee Community

Coffee is at the heart of everything that we do - and we are working alongside Union, our coffee suppliers, and Pueblo A Pueblo, a non-profit organisation who work to achieve sustainable livelihoods for coffee cooperatives predominantly in Guatemala.

Specifically, we are donating 5p every time we sell a cup of our filter coffee to an initiative set up by Pueblo A Pueblo, who are giving the wider community the opportunity of beekeeping

Bees are vital to our ecosystems - without them, it's estimated that one third of the food we eat would no longer be available. Specifically in the case of coffee, bees are part of an incredible symbiotic relationship: coffee flowers give sugary, high-quality nectar for bees, while the bees improve coffee plant health and berry quality through cross-pollination.

You can read more here, and don't forget to order a cup of our filter next time you're in one of our shops!

Local Community

Our shops are also part of #CoffeeCrowd - a crowdfunding project to raise money for local community projects. Our Shops are able to choose their causes and work with customers to hit fund raising targets.

You can read about the community projects, and see the crowdfunding targets, over at the #CoffeeCrowd page.