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Area of Outstanding Coffee.

Crowborough, we thought your area of outstanding beauty deserved an area of outstanding coffee. Well, a speciality coffee island actually.

We tore up the 'coffee shop blueprint', threw all the benches in the middle of the shop and formed an island. An island full of the latest speciality coffee, a couple of Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II T3's coffee machines, loose leaf tea pots, precise grinders and smiling baristas full of knowledge.

That means there is more space for those weekly get-togethers, the pit-stop coffee drinkers, and the office away from the office people. We reckon the food isn't bad either- it's delicious, 'made-that-day' seasonal food, served by our super team and suits the kiddies to grandparents.

Crowborough, join us. We'll be waiting on the corner of New + High.

Have a look inside