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Baristas on show.

Just past the Love Lane roundabout, our double fronted shop sits sweetly among the eclectic facades and bricks of Bridge Street.

Inside- a delightful mix of materials, spaces and cutting edge coffee technology open for all to see. Pinner is an 'open plan' shop. What does that mean?! Well, no hiding benches, customers can have a full view of the craft from start to finish, and baristas better check the back of their jeans for holes! 

Presenting the latest in speciality coffee, we are committed to sourcing the best as we travel around the coffee belt, trading directly with farmers through our roaster- Union Hand Roasted. On the food side of things, the seasonal menu will present you with some tough decision making. Salads, sandwiches and baked treats are all baked, made or prepared at our local kitchen and delivered daily. 

So, whether you're one of those pre-work-ers, have-a-chat-ers, or stay-a-while-ers kind of customers, we reckon we've got you covered Pinner. 

Have a look inside