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Saddle up to Chase Side, Southgate.

Harris + Hoole is presenting coffees that are in season, directly traded and prepared religiously by our pro baristas.

Stick with your favourite type of coffee, or be persuaded by the baristas to try something new, like the brightly roasted Black Filter. Grab a chair, booth, stool, or a sofa (a few dozen inside and several outside) and listen to the soft burring of the grinders, the chatter of gossip and the occasional outburst of joy from a barista that has perfected that special bit of latte art. 

If you're on the hunt for food- we bake, cook, prepare at our local kitchen on a daily basis.  That means an abundance of delicious baked treats, a seasonal lunch menu (hot and cold) and a range of breakfast options are available to you.  

Good people of Southgate, speciality coffee is here to stay- come and join us.

Have a look inside