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Down near the Thames, on King Street.

We're thrilled to present the latest in speciality coffee to the heart of the South West - Twickenham.

With a team of humble coffee enthusiasts at the helm of some of the best equipment going round, we'll be working hard to do our best to impress the local folk of Twickers. In addition to the coffee, there'll be loose leaf teas from some of the worlds best estates, wonderfully rich chocolate and aromatic fresh chai to tempt the tastebuds. And, like any good coffee shop, the food is just as seasonal as the coffee. Baked treats like tarts, cupcakes and biscuits are matched with hearty breakfast fare, snacks to get you through the day, lunches that are light and lunches that are, well, filling.

Plus, we've covered any kind of mood with our truckload of seating options - whether it's that communal bench in the thick of it, the couple of comfy sofas up the back or that spot in the window.

Join the #CoffeeCrowd

Help us give your local community project the extra shot it needs. Whether you want to bring a communal garden back into bloom, start an after-school computer club, or buy new kits for your local footie team, we want to help.

We're partnering with JustGiving to help crowdfund for community projects in your local area. And we need you.

Projects are run by individuals who want to make a difference in their neighbourhood, with our support - you don't need to be a registered charity. Excited? Have a project in mind?

Click here to find out more, or talk to a team member in your local shop.

It's all about leveraging the power of "we". Big changes start small.

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