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Well, the High Street, we're not actually on-the-Thames. We do brew coffee though, speciality coffee.

Our dark taupe, reddy/brown brick and brass detail shop front is coupled with an interior of warm woods, the vibrancy of 'non-uniformed staff' and sharply written blackboards.

Our team of service crew are armed with the H+H seasonal food menu, some cool tunes and those generous loyalty cards. And, the baristas have a selection of cool coffee tools- two Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II T3's coffee machines, the H+H Espresso blend of seasonal coffee and training from WBC Judge and H+H Coffee Director, Andrew Tolley.

So, pay us a visit at number 36- that's opposite the pub, between the bank and the real estate agent. We look forward to seeing you Walton-on-Thames.

Have a look inside